This page contains specific Commission orders that have been designated by the Commission as precedential or of particular significance.  These orders may be researched under the topical headings below.  You may also retrieve a specific Commission precedential order by number using the search feature.  The orders on this site may have been edited to correct typographical or other errors.  Additionally, information identifying the parties to these cases has been redacted to preserve their privacy.

Pursuant to Section 120.53(1) and (2), Fla. Stat., relating to indexing and maintenance of agency final orders, the Commission maintains a database containing the original text of all final orders and the final order indexes at its headquarters. The Commission’s database is not available online, but it may be accessed by contacting the Commission Clerk at (850) 487-2685, 101 Rhyne Building, 2740 Centerview Drive, Tallahassee, Florida, 32399-4151.

Search for Orders by RAAC Order No. (e.g., 14-00001)

Able to and Available for Work

Adequacy of Factual Findings

Americans with Disabilities Act

Attorney/Representative Fees

Child Support

Claims – Backdating

Collateral Estoppel

Covered Employment

Disaster Unemployment Assistance


Discharge – Attendance (Section 443.036(29)/(30)(c), Fla. Stat.) 

Discharge – Carelessness or Negligence (Section 443.036(29)/(30)(b), Fla. Stat.)

Discharge - Causation

Discharge – Conduct Demonstrating a Conscious Disregard of an Employer’s Interests (Section 443.036(29)/(30)(a), Fla. Stat.)

Discharge – Constructive

Discharge – Dishonesty

Discharge – During Resignation Notice Period

Discharge – Failure to Maintain Necessary License

Discharge – Fighting/Provocation

Discharge – Insubordination

Discharge – Misconduct Related to Work

Discharge – Poor Performance

Discharge – Preservation of Employment

Discharge – Profanity/Racial Epithet

Discharge – Resignation in lieu of

Discharge – Retaliatory

Discharge – Sleeping on the Job

Discharge – Social Media

Discharge – Theft

Discharge – Violation of Law

Discharge v. Voluntary Quit


Evidence – Admissions

Evidence – After Acquired

Evidence – Best Evidence

Evidence – Business Records

Evidence – Circumstantial

Evidence – Confidentiality Provision in Settlement Agreement

Evidence – Corroborative/Supplemental Hearsay

Evidence – Credibility of Witnesses

Evidence – Fifth Amendment Privilege

Evidence – Inferences

Evidence – Public Records

Evidence – Similar Acts/Propensity

Fair Labor Standards Act/ Florida Minimum Wage Act

Family and Medical Leave Act

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Hearing Procedures

Immigration Reform and Control Act

Independent Contractors

Leaves of Absence

Nonappearance – Good Cause

Non-Competition/Duty of Loyalty

Overpayment – Defense

Probationary Period


Retirement and Pension Benefits

Sale of Business

School Employees/Contractual School Employees

Severance Pay

Standards of Review

Suitable Work – Failure to Apply for or Accept


Temporary Help Firms/Employee Leasing Companies/Day Labor Pools

Total/Partial Unemployment

Voluntary Quit – Employment

Voluntary Quit – Family Emergency

Voluntary Quit – Health

Voluntary Quit – Job Abandonment

Voluntary Quit – Non-Employment Actions of Employer

Voluntary Quit – Other Employment

Voluntary Quit – Reasonable Effort to Preserve Employment

Voluntary Quit – Religious Reasons

Voluntary Quit – Relocation Due to Military Spouse's Order

Voluntary Quit – Unilateral and Substantial Change in Terms of Employment

Voluntary Quit – Voluntary Layoff Agreement

Voluntary Quit – Worker's Compensation Settlement Agreement

Voluntary Quit – Working Conditions

Worker’s Compensation Settlement Agreement

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