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Rapid Response Program

Florida’s Rapid Response Program serves as the statewide dislocated worker coordination unit responsible for carrying out statewide Rapid Response activities and overseeing Rapid Response activities carried out by the local workforce development boards. Following a natural or other disaster, Local Rapid Response Coordinators work with employers to prevent or minimize the impacts of layoffs on workers, businesses, and communities.  Rapid Response ensures immediate access to affected workers to help them quickly re-enter the workforce and plays an important role in providing customer-focused services to both dislocated workers and employers.

Examples of rapid response services, support, and information provided following a disaster include:

  • Information and support for affected workers for applying for Reemployment Assistance benefits
  • Information and support for affected companies via an on-site informational session
  • Information on the impacts of layoff on health coverage and other benefits
  • Information on and referral to career services, reemployment-focused workshops as well as job referrals and training opportunities
  • Referral to community agencies and workforce programs for supportive services
  • Arranging job fairs and other special employment events on the behalf of affected companies
  • Information on registered apprenticeships and incumbent worker training programs to assist companies in upskilling and retaining their workforce
  • Tailored layoff aversion strategies and activities designed to prevent or minimize the duration of unemployment resulting from layoffs, including information on the Short-Time Compensation program

Do you need to file a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN)? 

Rapid Response services are provided when employers submit layoff and business closing notices under the WARN Act or when there is an announcement or notification of a permanent closure (regardless of the number of affected employees), a mass layoff (affecting 50 or more workers), a mass job dislocation resulting from a natural or other disaster, or when a Trade Adjustment Assistance petition is filed.

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