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General Information

General Information  07/01/18  FG OSPS 86 Indirect Cost Rate Proposal Preparation for Local Workforce Development Boards

      Indirect Cost Proposal Guidance Exhibits (xlsx)
General Information  01/17/17  87 - Prior Approval Administrative Policy for Local Workforce Development Boards
General Information  12/15/16  092 - One-Stop Staff Credentialing and Skills Standards 
General Information  03/04/20 FG OGM 84 Guidance on use of Funds for the Purchase of Outreach/Informational Items
General Information 06/29/12 075-Guidelines for the disclosure of financial interests required of members and executive directors of regional workforce boards
General Information 06/29/12 076-Guidelines for the submission of annual budgets of the RWBs to CareerSource Florida
General Information 07/24/08 064 Subrecipient and Vendor Determinations - State Funds
General Information 07/24/08 063 Subrecipient and Vendor Determinations – Federal Funds
General Information 10/17/05 052 Contingency Reserves
General Information 07/28/05 050 Cost Allocation Plans for Regional Workforce Boards
General Information 11/17/04 044 Confidentiality and Release of Information (11/17/04)
General Information 07/23/04 043 Prepayment Of Costs
General Information 04/26/04
042 Guidelines for Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and Section 188 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998
General Information 11/07/04 033 Confidentiality of Records and Public Records Requests and Subpoenas revised 11/07/2004
General Information 06/25/02 028 Close-out of State-Level Contracts/Grants
General Information 07/13/07 019 Audit and Audit Resolution revised 8/18/05
General Information 11/27/00 017 Procedures on One-Stop Closures
General Information 10/04/00 014 WIA Sanction Process
General Information 05/30/00 011 Contract Payments Documentation
General Information 04/25/03 008 Deobligation and Reallocation of WIA Funds
General Information 06/08/07 004 Grievance and Hearing Procedures - Revised 06/08/2007
General Information 05/17/99 001 Memorandum of Understanding
General Information 02/05/97 ADM 97-01 2/5/97 Solicitation of Gifts for Clients - Policy
General Information 03/05/99 WDP 99-101 3/05/99 Accounting, Reporting and Disposition Requirements for Property Policy
Attachments I-II-II
, Attachment IV-Property Custodian HandbookSurplus Instructions
General Information 11/02/99 WEO 00-004 11/2/99 Professional or Other Organization Membership Dues- Procedures


Migrant Seasonal Farmworker 09/13/13 078 - H-2A Job Order Referral Procedures
Migrant Seasonal Farmworker 01/13/17 03-040 Wagner-Peyser Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker and Agricultural Employer Services Procedures


Trade Adjustment Assistance  07/09/19  101 Trade Adjustment Assistance Funding


Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act  06/11/19  100 - Work-Based Training
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act  06/11/19  009 - On-the-Job Training 
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act    09/26/18  074 - Individual Training Account Expenditure Requirements and Waiver Request Process
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 06/18/18  082 - Local Targeted Occupations List Requirements

Compiled Responses to Administrative Consultation Paper: Local Targeted Occupations List Requirements 
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 12/21/17  083 - Direct Provider of Workforce Services
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 09/25/17  097 - One-Stop Operator Procurement
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 04/25/17  095 - Youth Program Eligibility

Compiled Responses to Administrative Consultation Paper: Youth Program Eligibility
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 03/20/17  094 - Local Workforce Development Area Designation

Compiled Responses to Administrative Consultation Paper: Local Workforce Development Area Designation 
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 02/02/17  093 - One-Stop Career Center Certification Requirements

Compiled Responses to Administrative Consultation Paper: One-Stop Career Center Certification Requirements
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 06/10/16  091 - Local Workforce Development Board Composition, Certification and Decertification
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 03/02/16  090 - WIOA Eligible Training Provider List
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act  01/14/16 FG OSPS 89 - Employed and Incumbent Worker Training
Workforce Investment Act  07/20/15 FG OSPS 88 - Corrective Action and Reorganization Plan for Failure to Meet Local Performance

Response to Regional Comments

Workforce Investment Act

06/20/12 Guidelines for Compliance with Section 188 of the Workforce Investment Act: Collection of Demographic Data Final Guidance  
Workforce Investment Act 05/07/12 Final Guidance Food and Beverage for WIA Youth
Workforce Investment Act 01/24/08 062 - Using the Literacy and Numeracy Table in Employ Florida Marketplace (EFM) to Record Assessment for all Youth
Workforce Investment Act 01/30/09 066 - Responsibilities Following Theft of Federal Funds
Workforce Investment Act 09/10/08 065 - The definition of “long-term unemployed“
Workforce Investment Act 11/13/07 061 - Targeting WIA Services to Youth in the Department of Juvenile Justice and Foster Care Systems    Attachment A    Attachment B   Attachment C   Attachment D
Workforce Investment Act 10/17/07

060  -Final Guidance for Employed Worker Training (EWT)  Rev. 08/22/2011
Workforce Investment Act 02/03/05 030  -Supplemental Funding for Dislocated Worker Services revised 02/03/2005


Welfare Transition   5/24/19  024 Cash Assistance Severance Benefit 
Welfare Transition 09/25/11 072 Projecting Employment Hours
Welfare Transition 10/05/05 051 Medical Incapacity
Welfare Transition 01/21/04 037 Welfare Transition Program Work Penalties and Pre-Penalty Counseling
Welfare Transition 09/24/08 025 Welfare Transition Hardship Extensions for Cash Assistance  (revised 09/24/08)
Attachment A  | Attachment B | Attachment C
Welfare Transition 06/21/04 Guidance-Transitional Childcare
Welfare Transition 01/16/02 026 Guidance-Domestic Violence
Welfare Transition 04/22/02 027 Guidance-Individual Development Account (IDA)
Welfare Transition 06/21/04 023 Guidance-Relocation Assistance
Welfare Transition 06/21/04 013 Guidance-Up-Front Diversion

An equal opportunity employer/program.  Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
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