Helpful Tips

  • Have Information Ready - When you file a claim, have your past employment information available. This includes dates worked, name of employer and reason for separation.
  • Read the Benefits Rights Information Booklet - You should understand your rights and responsibilities as a Florida reemployment assistance compensation claimant. Review the Benefits Rights Information booklet.
  • Read the "Top Ten Things You Should Know" Flyer - Ten things you should know about the Reemployment Insurance system when you file a claim.
  • Read the "What is Reemployment Assistance Fraud?" Flyer.
  • Sign up for the Debit Card Program - Receive your benefit payments faster through the Debit Card program. 

Steps to File a Reemployment Assistance Claim

  1. File Online - File your reemployment assistance claim online through CONNECT This process should take approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Your application process must be completed by midnight Saturday, Eastern Time, or your information will be lost and you must restart the CONNECT application.  Note: You may be exempt from filing a claim online, or the Work Registration requirements.  Please review the Exemption Notice  If you believe you are eligible for an exemption from any of these requirements, please call 1-800-681-8102 for more information.  In addition, you may not be able to complete a Florida Internet Claim application online, via the Florida Internet Claims Filing System utilizing certain portable electronic devices. This includes but is not limited to personal digital assistants (PDA’s), smart phones, cellular telephones, personal communications services (PCS) devices, multifunctional wireless devices, messaging devices, etc.
  2. Receive Confirmation - After you file your claim, you will receive a confirmation that your claim has been received. If your claim is approved, your benefits will begin on the day your application is completed. It typically takes three to four weeks to receive your first payment.
  3. Work Registration - All claimants filing a new claim are required by s. 443.091(1)(b), F.S., to register for work through Employ Florida Marketplace before claiming benefits unless, as provided in s. 443.091(1)(b)1-5, F.S., the individual is:
    Unable to complete the online work registration due to illiteracy or a language impediment (for the purposes of this exemption, illiteracy includes the inability to effectively read, comprehend, and write in English or Spanish, or to effectively use a computer).
    • Not residing in Florida.
    • On an established temporary layoff of not more than 8 weeks from the date he or she last worked for employer.
    • A union member who customarily obtains employment through a union hiring hall.
    • Participating in an approved short-time compensation (STC) plan.
    • Physically, mentally, or visually impaired which makes the individual unable to use a computer. 
    • Legally prohibited from using a computer.   
  4. Skills Assessment - You are encouraged to voluntarily complete an online skills assessment in the following subjects: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information.  The results of the assessment will be provided to you and your local CareerSource Center to assist in your job search efforts or in recommending available training opportunities.
  5. Request Benefits and Submit Your Work Search Information Online - After you file your initial claim (not after you receive your first payment), you will need to "Claim Your Weeks." You should continue to claim your weeks every two weeks until you are employed or your claim ends. The CONNECT system is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can also set up or change your payment method, set or change your PIN and obtain specific current information about your claim. Also, you will need to certify every two weeks that you are looking for a new job. You must submit at least five work search contacts (potential employers) or meet with a representative at your local CareerSource Center for reemployment services for each week you are out of work. Job search help is available at your local CareerSource Center and online through Employ Florida Marketplace.

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Reemployment Assistance fraud is a 3rd degree felony. Each offense is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and up to $5,000 fine.


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