Welcome to the Special District Accountability Program - Florida's centralized source of information about the 1,700-plus special districts in the state. To learn more about the program, please see Responsibilities of the Special District Accountability Program.

To help you find what you are seeking, special district resources and topics are organized as follows:

  1. Official List of Special Districts Online - Directory (FloridaJobs.org/OfficialList)
  2. Florida Special District Handbook Online (www.FloridaJobs.org/SpecialDistrictHandbook) - Covers many special district issues in detail and provides direct links to other resources. Includes sections on:
    1. Newly Created Special District Responsibilities - includes how to file with the Special District Accountability Program for the first time
    2. Develop and Maintain an Official Website
    3. Registered Agent Defined
    4. How to Change a Registered Agent and/or a Registered Office
    5. Reporting Requirements By Due Date
    6. The Public Facilities Report - includes the schedule to determine when the public facilities report and updates to that report are due to the local general-purpose governments in which the special district is located:
  3. All About Special Districts
    1. An Introduction to Special Districts - Includes:
      • Special Districts Defined
      • How Special Districts are Created and Dissolved
      • The Difference Between "Dependent" and "Independent" Special Districts
      • Examples of Special Districts
    2. Reasons Why Special Districts Are Created
    3. Special District Noncompliance Status Reports - Reports From Other State Agencies Listing Special Districts That Did Not Comply With Certain Statutory Reporting Requirements
    4. Special District Accountability and Oversight - Includes:
      • What May Happen When Special Districts Fail to Comply with Certain Statutory Reporting Requirements
    5. Common Issues Regarding Special Districts
    6. An Overview of Florida's Special Districts (May 2018) - A Presentation about special districts
  4. The Required Special District Annual State Fee (for special districts only)
    1. Funding of the Special District Accountability Program - The Annual Special District State Fee (Florida Special District Handbook Online)
    2. Pay Your Special District Annual State Fee Online
  5. Additional Special District Resources, Contacts and Information
    1. Special District Resources and Contacts (Specialized Topics) - Includes:
      • Contact telephone numbers and other information about specialized topics (financial reporting, ethics, Government-in-the-Sunshine, financial emergencies, etc.)
      • Finding special district charters / creation documents online
    2. Special District Accountability Program Contact
      • Name / Email / Telephone Numbers:
        • See "Contacts" box upper right
      • Mailing Address:
        • Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
        • Division of Community Development
        • Special District Accountability Program
        • 107 E Madison Street, MSC-160
        • Tallahassee, FL 32399-6508


  • Jack Gaskins Jr.

    (850) 717-8430

Required Annual State Fee for All Special Districts

Pay Your Special District Annual State Fee Online

Presentation About Special Districts

An Overview of Florida's Special Districts (May 2018) Covers special district basics, transparency, accountability, oversight and enforcement.

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