Florida is committed to increasing its global competitiveness as a destination for business, capital, talent, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Department of Economic Opportunity utilizes public and private sector expertise to attract, retain and grow businesses and create jobs in Florida. The links on this page will connect you with those partners and opportunities that will assist you in locating, retaining and growing your business in Florida.

Why Florida?

Why Florida? - Florida has developed a business-friendly environment where an entrepreneurial spirit, competitive costs and streamlined regulations are the drivers that enable businesses like yours to innovate and grow. Learn how to benefit from Florida's business advantages. Florida understands your business needs and stands ready to welcome you with its creative workforce, global connectivity and high quality of life.

Locate, Expand In and Export From Florida

Florida has a large economic market, great infrastructure, vibrant industry sectors, smart workforce and geography perfect for easy global connectivity in addition to its business-friendly climate and high quality of life.

Florida's vibrant economy provides many opportunities for growing businesses. The state's robust support tools for business expansion and extensive resources provide timely and practical assistance. A variety of programs and services help Florida companies expand both domestically and globally.

Industry Specific Resources

Florida Industry Specific Resources are available for film, sports, logistics and tourism and for Florida's leading industry clusters. The leading industry clusters include clean technology, life sciences, information technology, aviation and aerospace, logistics and distribution, homeland security and defense, and financial and professional services. The state is also focusing economic development efforts with the strategic areas of emphasis being manufacturing, locating corporate headquarters and emerging technologies.

Florida Small Businesses

The Department of Economic Opportunity offers many programs to help small businesses, including loans, loan guarantees, tax credits and technical assistance. For more information, visit the Small Business Programs page.

Programs and Incentives

The following programs and incentives are available to Florida's businesses and communities to spur investment and fuel job growth.

  • Black Business Loan Program - The Black Business Loan Program (BBLP) is an important economic development tool which provides access to capital to black businesses that cannot otherwise obtain loans through conventional institutions.
  • Community Contribution Tax Credit Program - The Community Contribution Tax Credit Program provides a financial incentive (up to 50% tax credit or sales tax refund) to encourage Florida businesses to make donations toward community development and housing projects for low-income persons. Businesses located anywhere in Florida that make donations to approved community development projects may receive a tax credit of up to 50 percent of the value of the donation.
  • Florida's Brownfield Area Loan Guarantee Program (see Section 376.86, Florida Statutes - Brownfield Areas Loan Guarantee Program) - Florida's Brownfield Area Loan Guarantee Program is just one of the Brownfield incentives available for developers of Brownfield sites. The limited state loan guaranty applies only to 50 percent of the primary lender's loan for redevelopment projects in Brownfield areas with two exceptions for healthcare facilities or affordable housing provided they meet the Additional information:
  • GrowFL - GrowFL provides strategies, resources and support to second-stage companies for next level growth. By supporting companies with Strategic Research and peer-to-peer CEO Learning, GrowFL helps companies overcome obstacles to growth and leads them towards prosperity. Based on the philosophy of Economic Gardening - to grow existing businesses in a community, region or state - GrowFL at the University of Central Florida is a critical component to the state's economic development strategy and Florida's entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Research and Development Tax Credit Program - Florida provides a corporate income tax credit for eligible businesses for certain qualified research expenses. The Florida Corporate Income Tax Credit is contingent, in part, on the eligible business having received the federal research and development tax credit. Taxpayers will be able to apply to the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) for an allocation of the Florida Research and Development Credit beginning on March 20, 2020.
  • Rural and Urban Job Tax Credit Programs - The Rural and Urban Job Tax Credit Programs offer a job creation incentive for eligible businesses located within one of the 36 designated rural areas or within one of the 13 designated urban areas.
  • State Small Business Credit Initiative - The State Small Business Credit Initiative programs include the Florida Venture Capital Program and the Small Business Loan Support Program. These programs provide Florida's small businesses access to debt and venture capital financing that may not otherwise be available.


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